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July 09 (Friday) - CARE-A-LOT  by Addicted Events

9pm to 5am by Addicted Events  Area 1 (House/Progressive/Trance): Thomas Michael (Go Ventures), Nicholas Bennison (Propulsion Records), Speaker Junkies "Live", Jason Dey (Phunked Up Records), Thee-O (Biohazard), DJ Blue (4 Project), DJ Seles (Ignition) GROOVETICKETS.COM LIMITED $7 PRE-SALE $12 after $12 @ door til 10p.m. $15After Questions about vending, promotion or other contact VIBEGROOVR@AOL.COM or log on to WWW.ADDICTEDEVENTS.INFO   9pm-5am. INFO LINES:(323) 993-8548

December 03 (FRIDAY) - HEAVEN by Nocturnal Rampage & TCH

Heaven in Hollywood? Yes that's right Nocturnal Rampage in Association with Trance Club Heaven Brings you LA's Hottest 18 and over club; HEAVEN we strive to bring you some of the best talent available. Kicking it off with the WORLD FAMOUS ! DJ SAMMY (djsammy.de) including a live performance by LOONA live. On his 2004 US Tour "For You Tour" he Stops to give you a mind blowing performance. Along with Heaven's Angels: USED AND ABUSED (TFO RECORDINGS,) DJ CUBIK (DjCubik.net, NR Management CB Events) BIGZZ (DjCubik.net, NR Management CB Events) LIQUID E (K2K Productions, NR Management) Nocturnal Rampage (nocturnalrampage.com) DJ ALPHA (NR Management) DJ TIDY(NR Management) Gil-la (TCH), Arun (TCH) We promise to have State of the art Lasers and lighting will have sound that will make you FEEL the music! Dress as a SEXY ANGEL and win free passes to upcoming events. Buy Pre Sales for ensured entrance at the World Famous ARENA 6655 Santa Monica Blvd , Hollywood CA 90038 PLEASE Visit www.tranceclubheaven.com or call 1-866-346-1402 Grand Opening of Out 18 & over club at the World Famous ARENA tranceclubheaven.com for more info Dec 17 JOhan Gillian. 18 and over event!


July 24 (Saturday) - Smurfy  by Addicted Events & Tyco Prod.  

AREA 1 (House/Progressive/Trance): Electra "Formerly known as Space Girl" (Hypnotic/At Large)-NYC/Moscow, Terry Mullan (Catalyst, Chicago/San Diego), Thomas Michael (Phat Phunk, L.A.) DJ Reza (Go Ventures, L.A.), Nicholas Bennison (Propulsion Records, L.A.), Thee-O (Biohazard, L.A.), Jason Dey (Phunked Up Records), DJ Jon C. (Addicted Events), Dirty Dave Martinez(Headstone Records)  AREA 2 (Happy Hardcore): Anabolic Frolic (Moonshine/Hullabaloo, Toronto), Paulina Taylor (Hypersound), Lostboy (SSU, Sacramento), Smileshot (Rave n Beats), Mouse (H.R.E.), Etron (H.R.E.), Distinkt & Cornbread (J.S.P./Addicted Events)  AREA 3 (Hardcore vs. Hard Style): Static vs Used & Abused (Audiometry/Used_Abused.com), Dutchboy vs Eric Scott(Used_Abused.com./Cosmic Events), Sonik vs Special-EFX (H2OH Dj Squad/Dr. Freeclouds), Chris Kozmik vs DJ Seles (H2OH Dj Squad/Ignition), Hells Hammer vs Greg D. (Orion/LA)  GENERAL PRESALE OUTLETS: DMC Records, Melrose (323) 651-3520 Groove Riders, Sherman Oaks (818) 981-3366 The Globe, Pomona (909)620-2772 Dr. Freeclouds, Costa Mesa (714) 545-8811 Headstone, Redlands (909) 335-2909 Electric Chair, Riverside (909 359-8003 Mileage Clubwear – Pacific Beach – 858.581.6812 $20 Pre-Sale GROOVETICKETS.COM LIMITED $12 PRE-SALE $18 after $20 @ door til 10p.m. $25 After 8pm to 6am INFO LINES: (213) 417-8874 (818) 623-6610Questions about vending, promotion or other contact VIBEGROOVR@AOL.COM or log on to WWW.ADDICTEDEVENTS.INFO OR WWW.TYCOPROD.COM 











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