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Photos you see here are posted with permission from the owners. true, 90% of the time they might not remember giving us permission, but yes, they did! so screw it.

We at 4ravers.com neither condones or condemns drinking, getting drunk, smoking pot, flashing people, rolling on the floor, or doing other impure things. We feel everyone is different, and as human beings, have a right to how they want to party. we're mainly here to show you what we've seen when we're out partying ourselves.

If you should get jumped by someone because you were caught here taking a picture with their bf/gf, 4RAVERS.COM will NOT be responsible, and if you're of the law and your picture is posted here.. either the person who's the photographer of the night is really good looking ( for example Darwin) or you're really drunk haha! (obviously that is your fault then!)

All comments posted on the pictures are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! please don't take anything serious! if you can't take a joke, by all means when we ask for your picture, please decline. we'll kindly walk away smiling and give u the finger anyways because we'll be taking pictures of someone else instead. after all, it's not like we don't tell you why we want your picture and where it will be posted and most of you fuckers already know..

If your picture is posted and your granny panties are showing or your g-string is just butt ugly, or your breast is falling out, then you're really intoxicated and we suggest to calm down, and slow down on the boozin' up next time. just remember, you can have fun even while you're sane. :)

If you gave us permission to take your picture, it is ultimately our decision whether to remove the photo or not. again, keep in mind all comments posted on the picture are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! not only do we poke fun at everyone on this site, we do it to us as well, so PLEASE keep that in mind! How can u not make of our staff, just look at them, Specially Hayk.

Captions posted on the pictures by our viewers do not necessarily reflect the views of 4RAVERS.COM. this is a public site and we believe in freedom of speech, therefore we do not have any control over what anyone else would/will say, so just join them and talk shit.

If we don't respond to your email, then basically your screwed, see you at the next party.











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